UK: Expert insists it’s astonishing Gatwick airport lacked better security defense against drones…….


Much easier for terrorists to thwart airport security than thought…


Why is it SO hard to bring down a drone? Simply blocking radio waves and creating interference just won’t work – but the fact that Gatwick didn’t have better defences is astonishing, writes expert PETER LEE


In 2015, I was a member of a Department of Transport committee examining the use of drones in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Defence and the police.


We discussed what was needed to combat the rogue use of these devices and the technical challenges involved. We knew that security measures needed to be implemented right away.


Perhaps if we had been listened to, more than 1,000 flights would not have been cancelled at Gatwick this week.


The technology to stop rogue drones exists. A number of prisons now employ ‘geo-fence’ systems to stop drones illegally delivering drugs and other contraband items to inmates. It cuts their radio transmission and the device either falls to the ground or returns to its launch point.


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