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UK: British special forces commandeer cargo ship hijacked by armed migrants demanding safe swimming distance to Britain…….




British special forces storm ship hijacked by migrants from Nigeria: SBS take down stowaways who took over vessel off Kent, threatened the crew with iron bars and demanded that it be sailed closer to UK so they could swim


Armed migrants who threatened a cargo ship have surrendered to British Navy special forces who have taken control of the vessel (pictured top) after an SBS helicopter was deployed to the scene.


Four men threatened the crew of an Italian ship off the Kent coast, demanding the vessel be moved nearer the shore so they can swim to Britain. The crew of the Grande Tema (bottom, early this morning) found four stowaways on board this week and locked them in a cabin.


But the men broke out this morning armed with iron bars and brandished them at the crew who had fed and looked after them after the vessel left from Nigeria. The crew quickly locked themselves on the ship’s bridge and sent out an alert to the coastguard.


This graphic shows the ship's route to Britain as well as five piracy incidents along the coast of Africa


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