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Police arrest suspect wanted in murder of two Scandinavian tourists in Morocco, source says they were beheaded……


Diana West offers an excellent observation

I have a question. What would make two 20-something Scandanavian women expect to be safe while backpacking in mountains of Morocco? Answer: PC brainwashing. Two Scandinavian women murdered in attack in Morocco


Police arrest ‘extremist’ suspect wanted over murder of two Scandinavian tourists in Morocco as they analyse web video ‘that shows the moment of killing’

  • Sources say three men were arrested for the killing of two Scandinavian women
  • Dane Louisa Jespersen, 24, and Norwegian Maren Ueland, 28, were backpacking 
  • The slashing of their throats ‘may have been sexually motivated’ a source said
  • Heartbreaking video has emerged of Ms Jespersen speaking of her ambitions
Moroccan police have released photographs of three suspects linked to the murders of two Scandinavian tourists 

Moroccan police have released photographs of three suspects linked to the murders of two Scandinavian tourists


At least one of the suspected killers of two Scandinavian women on Morocco is an ‘extremist’, Moroccan authorities have confirmed.


It raises fears that the gruesome double murder in the Atlas Mountains was an act of terror.


Local newspapers also released photographs of three out of four suspects, two of whom were pictured wearing skullcaps and heavy beards.

They were identified by their initials. ‘RA’, from the small village of Douar el Caïd, outside Marrakesh, was born in 1985 and works as a salesman, officials said.


The second suspect, ‘AE’, a carpenter born in 1991, lives in the Azzouzia district of Marrakesh.


The third, ‘OA’, born in 1993, lives in the Derb Zeroual neighbourhood of Marrakesh. No employment details were given.


Their motivation for the attack were unclear, officials said, but terrorism remains a strong line of enquiry.


Previous reports of two further arrests were premature, officials added, and only one man is in custody. They also clarified that there are four suspects rather than three, which has been widely reported.


Forensic markers can be seen on the ground as police in Morocco investigate the killing of the two young women at the site of their tent


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