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Hard Left takes the red pill: Bibi Was Right……..


To see Judah’s admission that his worldview is crumbling really made my day…


His blatherings about Bibi reading the ”strongman” tea leaves, as well as their (the supposed ‘strongmen’) rise leading to an increase of Jew-hatred (entirely bogus claim), I can live with. We know with certainty that the EU ruling elite has allowed millions of Jew-hating Muslims into Europe, their contribution to Jew-hatred is the increase that Judah refuses to properly place the blame for. Only by reversing the trend of Islamic migration (the hijra) to Europe, and ridding ourselves of EU statism -as well as in each former EU member state- can we see a drastic lessening of Jew-hatred. Those are the facts.


H/T: David Reaboi


Bibi Was Right

The arc of history was not supposed to look like this, I thought, as I followed Matteo Salvini, the most powerful man in Italy, through the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Another day, another world leader was in Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu, known to most here simply as “Bibi.” And just like Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Rodrigo Duterte, and Jair Bolsonaro before him, Italy’s populist interior minister was not coming to scold the Israeli prime minister. Here was another strongman both happy to be in Jerusalem and ready to work with Bibi.


That night, as Salvini relaxed on his market walkabout and shared a beer with his Israeli handlers, he smiled for the cameras in order to show how safe he felt in the hands of such an expert counterterror force. “I love the people,” he said, telling me how much he was looking forward to working with Bibi. I felt a crushing weight on my shoulders: the feeling of having been wrong.


Without a resolution to the Palestinian question, the arc of history was supposed to have bent toward consigning Israel to pariah status—not this. The U.S. embassy has transferred to Jerusalem. A slew of other nations have moved to support some or all of Israel’s claims to the city, including Guatemala, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and even Australia. Meanwhile, the threat of a common anti-Israel European foreign policy, sanctions and all, has imploded so utterly that Bibi can snub Federica Mogherini, the bloc’s foreign envoy, as though she were an irritating pro-Iranian NGO chief—then play the lavish host to Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian strongman.


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