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VOE: Hungary’s PM says EU countries pressure us to accept measures that bring more migrants to Europe…….


Like the UN, the EU is evil…


EU countries attack Hungary to accept measures that help to bring more migrants to Europe – Viktor Orban


An attack has been thwarted “amidst stormy conditions” at Friday’s Brussels summit of European Union heads of state and government “convened to give more money and rights to migrants”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video uploaded on his Facebook page.


The summit started off peacefully and “seemed to be jovial” but later on it turned rather stormy, Orban said.


Several countries “attacked” Hungary over migration and tried to “force the prime ministers’ council to accept measures that would help bring migrants to Europe”, he said. “I am describing it as a last attempt because there will be European elections soon and everything will be over,” he added.

“We have managed to fence off another attack,” Orban said, and insisted that some of the participants sought “to garner more money and rights to migrants and suppress the countries that do not want migration.”


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