IDF uncovers yet again one more Hez-Nazi terror tunnel on Israeli side of border with Lebanon……..


Bomb the crap out of them, leaving nothing by weeping widows and smoking ruins…



The IDF is currently investigating the route of the tunnel.

The IDF announced Sunday the discovery of a fourth cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnel which infiltrated into northern Israel from Lebanon over the weekend.


“The route of the tunnel is under IDF control and poses no threat,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement, adding that a notice was given to the heads of the relevant authorities.”


Like the others tunnels discovered, it is under control of the Israeli military and has been filled with explosives ahead of its neutralization.


“Anyone who enters it from the Lebanese side endangers their life,” the army said.


“The Lebanese government is responsible for digging of the tunnels from Lebanese territory. This is a serious violation of Israeli sovereignty.”


The IDF launched Operation Northern Shield last week in order to detect and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels dug by the Iranian-backed Shiite organization.


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