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Finland: Mass-brawl with Somalis and Kurds at youth event in Vantaa -even pepper spray didn’t help, 8 police patrols were needed……..


According to Tiina Wiik on Twitter:

Finnish teenagers’ disco night in Vantaa took an enriching turn when Somalis and Kurds appeared and started a full-on race war, using pepper-spray, knives and metal bars to beat each other up. Eight police patrols were needed to calm things down. Feel the vibrancy!
And to top it off, the organizers had for some reason locked 200 kids in with these fighters. According to a local parents young girls had panic attacks amidst the blood and chaos.

NOTE: Vantaa is a suburb of Helsinki

Mass-brawl at youth event in Vantaa -even pepper spray did not help, 8 police patrols were needed


According to the police, a multiple-brawl participant was given slight injury.

According to the police in eastern Uusimaa, there was a mass brawl at a youth event in Vantaa on Saturday night.


The police tell us that the conflict arose when a group of young adults came to the event for under 18-year-old kids.


The two stewards who were there tried to take over the situation and had also used pepper spray.


This was not enough to calm the situation, there were also eight police patrols in total.


According to the police, the participants in the brawl received slight injuries and were exposed pepper spray. The event was suspended and the police took several persons into custody for the suspected offense.



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