Iraqi/Muslim enrichment of Finland (in criminal rape statistics), ten times that of native Finns ……..



Iraqis account for as much as 12 percent of rapes in Finland in 2017, overall rapes by M.E. men tens times that of native Finns ….


IL explains: Iraqis accounted for as much as 12 percent of the rapes in Finland in 2017

Police and Statistics Finland show that as many as 30% of reported rape is committed by foreigners. In addition to Iraq, the country of Afghanistanis is also emphasized.

The sexual assault of Oulu’s children is shocking to Finns. The police are investigating three cases. In all cases, the victim is an under 15 – year-old girl.


All of Oulu’s rape ring members are foreigners who have come to Finland for asylum. Two of the eight prisoners have received Finnish citizenship.


395 cases this year


Iltalehti asked the Police Department for the latest information on suspected sexual crimes committed by foreigners. Cruelties include aggravated rape, rape, attempted rape, abusive sexual exploitation of a child, sexual exploitation of a child and attempted sexual exploitation of a child.


By the end of November, there were 395 cases, compared to 416 last year. In 2015, the police recorded 440 suspects.


Ten years ago, the figure was 180, so the number of cases has more than doubled in ten years.


– This statistic may be distorted by the fact that the number of acts may not be the same as the number of victims. That is, the investigation may reveal, for example, that acts committed against children or spouses have been carried out for a longer period of time, police inspector Pekka Heikkinen from police administration underlined.


“Of course you have to be worried”


In addition, Iltalehti received police statistics report from last year, which has calculated the proportion of foreign nationals in all sexual crimes where the suspect is known. Foreigners accounted for 23.5 percent. Cases, where the suspect is known, were 2 418 last year. Last year, 3443 cases of suspected sexual assaults were recorded.


When looking at racial crimes alone, the proportion of foreigners ( 911 known cases ) rises to just under 29 %. The total number of suspected rape suspects was 1,271 last year .


High percentages what should ordinary citizens think about this ?


– Of course, it is something to be worried about and does not to have anything to do with the fact that fingering finger is pointing to certain groups of people who are over-represented. It is then a debate between criminologists and criminal policies why this is so, says police inspector Heikkinen .


According to Statistics Finland, foreign citizens accounted for 4.5% of the total population at the end of 2017.


Heikkinen again emphasizes that police statistics are not the whole truth.


– When a criminal charge is made, all ( suspects ) are recorded there. When the investigation proceeds, they are edited and changed. Then there are still the statistics of the prosecutor and the courts and they look quite different in appearance.


Statistics Finland : 2 238 sex offenses 2017


Kimmo Haapakangas, Senior Officer at Tilastokeskus, gave statistics on Iltalehti’s request in which sex crimes are broken down by nationality.


Statistics Finland’s findings have been plucked for suspected criminal offenses. The statistics by Finland’s Statistics, like police statistics, are inaccurate in the sense that the suspect may appear in the chart several times for the same or different offense.


The suspects have been in the statistics for the year in which the police have settled the crime. That is, if the crime occurred in 2016 and is cleared in 2017, the suspect will be statistics for the year 2017.


According to Statistics Finland, 2 238 sex offenses were committed in Finland last year . Foreigners accounted for 529, which is 26.3% of the total.


Rape ( rape, aggravated rape, rape 3 . Subsection ) was recorded 938 incidents. Foreigners accounted for 30.5 per cent.


The sexual exploitation of children ( child sexual abuse, aggravated child sexual exploitation ) last year was 752 accounts. Foreigners accounted for 17.7 per cent of sexual offenses against children.


Iraqis in their own readings


Iraqis appear in the statistics in their own readings. Last year, 199 sex offenses were recorded for them, which is as much as 8.9 percent of all sex offenses reported in Finland.


In Racial statistics, Iraqis accounted for 11.9 per cent.


For the sexual exploitation of children, the proportion of Iraqis was 7%.


A lot of Iraqi asylum seekers arrived in Finland in 2015.


The high susceptibility of Iraqis to crime is also reflected in the statistics of the Criminal Sanctions Institute . Finland’s prisons were 1 . 5 . 2017 a total of 555 foreign prisoners . Of them, 75 were Iraqis . More were Estonian prisoners ( 111 ).


Following the Iraqis, the next group in the sex offense statistics are Afghans. Their share last year was 1.9 percent of all sexual offenses and 2.3 percent of rapes.


There is no big difference in whether or not a resident in Finland is a national. For example, an asylum seeker does not have a homeland. Out of 199 cases of Iraqis, 91 were recorded for those without a home. 28 Afghans had a place of residence, and 15 were without a home base.


When considering all sexual crimes, the number of Roma and Estonians ( 1.25% ) , Somalis ( 0.98% ) and Turks ( 0.89% ) will be quantified after Iraqis and Afghans.


Statistics Finland’s compilations have been summoned for suspected criminal offenses.


Statistic Finland’s statistics, like the police statistics, are inaccurate in the sense that the suspect may appear in the table several times for the same or different offense.


Percentages remain high despite standardization


Sexually guilty offenders are mostly men. The breakdown of Statistics Finland does not take into account gender and age.


When talking about sexual offenses committed by aliens, it is often the case that their share of the wrong image arises because the proportion of men and especially young men, for example, from Iraq or Afghanistan to Finland is high and their social status is weak.


Legal Policy Research Institute ( current Criminology and Justice Policy Institute ) published in 2014 “Immigrants as victims and perpetrators of crime” – the study. Depending on age and income standardize lowered from Africa and the Middle – East to immigrants in crime levels to 35 percent.


But after equilibration for sociodemographic factors from Africa and the Middle – the level for men from the Middle East for rape crime was still ten times that of native Finns.


In addition, the crime rate of seven other immigrant groups remained statistically significantly higher than native Finns.


Making the study was university researcher Martti Lehti from the Criminology and Justice Policy Institute, who tells Iltalehti that newer research is not available in Finland.



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