Islam In Europe Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Daniel Greenfield: 20 Yrs of Muslim Christmas terror in capital of Christmas…….


The purveyors of European elitist policies don’t care about domestic human casualties in pursuit of their own political/financial agendas…



“This cathedral is Allah’s enemy.”

On the second day of Christmas, the only things stirring in some apartments in Frankfurt, Germany, were some Muslim refugees, the German cops smashing through the door and the chemicals in their kitchen bomb labs which they had been plotting to use to commit mass murder a year before 9/11.


It was the year 2000. And Muslim terrorism was far from unknown, but still a little bit exotic.


While the Algerian terrorists did not prove very cooperative, their home videos were very evocative, especially a shaky video videotape taken by Salim Boukari at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, France.


“This cathedral is Allah’s enemy,” the Algerian Muslim refugee narrated as he watched the cheerful shoppers outside the Strasbourg Cathedral.


“These are the enemies of Allah. They dance and are happy. You will go to hell, Allah willing.”


As the home of the European Parliament and, around this time of year, the “Capital of Christmas” with lavish displays marketing to tourists from around the world, Strasbourg was a natural target.

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