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Finnish news website UusiSuomi suspends Finns Party MP’s blogging rights over Islam criticism, offended over accurate depiction…….


I’m not going to blog post at the Uusi Suomi (New Finland) news site anymore. An MP’s pre-censorship is straight from the Cold War period of free speech censorship #sensuuri 



The Finnish language based Uusi Suomi news website has been known here as being a portal for dissent on political issues in Finland. Now it has taken to censoring voices critical of Islam. Laura Huhtasaari has been very vocal in her criticism of the Mohammedan creed, and the website is no longer having it, suspending her writing privileges for an entire month.


The Finns MP (who was the party’s candidate in the last presidential election, finishing 3rd) is not taking the censorship lightly and has decided to permanently quit the website. The cowardly managerial dept. has shown itself to be completely immune to reason and logic, and undoubtedly influenced by Muslim Brotherhood connected operatives who have obviously infiltrated public opinion here.


Laura Huhtasaari was correct in her comments about the ECHR succumbing to the sharia, for it was out of fear of Islam/Muslim street that they threw Austrian, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, under the bus for daring to speak truthfully about Mohamed. The Muslim street now has the ECHR/Europe by the balls, and will continue to tighten its grip until they finally shrivel and eventually fall off.


Speaking directly about Islam was too much – Uusi Suomi (New Finland) imposes writing ban on Huhtasaari


MP Laura Huhtasaari noted today on Wednesday that she has been banned from writing a blog post on the Uusi Suomi (New Suomi) web site. The timing is amazing given that Huhtasaari had previously published a critique of the lack of freedom of expression in the past, together with other mainstream influential women.


After noting the writing, Huhtasaari contacted Markku Huusko for the new Finnish editor-in-chief by telephone.


– He was bothered and said that he had sent an email, Huhtasaari describes the content of the call. The phone did not specify the reasons for the ban and spoke of a “short write-off”.


The US delivery sent two e-mails to Huhtasaari. The messages reported that it is about two months since Islamic-critical writing was published. Their contents are in the following.

Monitor’s first message posted 10.12.2018
You have received a warning about inappropriate content in the blog posts of New Finland. This article is contradictory to the New Finnish Discussion Guide lines: //


The text includes, but is not limited to, the following statements: 

“The European Court of Human Rights has subjected freedom of expression under Islamic rule.” 
“The European Court of Human Rights is in possession of Islam.”


The US Discussion Paper says, among other things, that dissemination of false or untrue information is prohibited.


Discussion guide: //


Your writing rights to Uusi Suomi Blogging has been removed due to violations of the rules.




Islam is prison’s most seriously taken religion

27.10.2018 19:28 Laura Huhtasaari 121 comments

The religion of peace must not be mocked or criticized, irrespective of whether it is true or not. I am not going to open with the term ‘ religion of peace ‘, because everyone knows automatically what religion is in question, because only one religion is called the ‘ Religion of peace ‘.


Justice has been lost, freedom has been removed. If it was ever the case that only Islamic taunter was banned in Islamic countries, then now it is here too. It does not help, even if you have said it a few years ago, yes, they are being dug up, as what happened to the Austrian woman. The woman had told in a seminar about the Prophet Mohammed who married Aisha when she was 6 years old. According to tradition, the couple had sexual contact, with Aisha at age 9. And that’s not all, this cheeky woman still had to continue: “Under what name do we call it, unless it is pedophilia?”


Today’s resilient people will bow down before orders that offend its own sense of justice. The same people sit quietly and dream, when street pictures, kindergartens and schools are filled with covered girls and women. There is a search for the last islamophobes in order to put them in a questionable light, perhaps even condemned, if you have spoken about Islam. Prison for those who violate the Prophet Mohammed.


We have lost or otherwise just submitted in the face of Islam. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the defamation of the Prophet Mohammed is not covered by freedom of expression. The European Court of Human Rights has subjected freedom of expression under Islamic rule.


You are wrong and Islam is “right”.


The European Court of Human Rights is in the possession of Islam. Europe has committed itself to Islam.


At the end of the post was a link to the HS news, which deals with the decision of the ECtHR that bans any speech calling of the Prophet Mohammed a pedophile.


Suomen Uutiset / Finnish News

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