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Finns Party Chairman Jussi Halla-aho: The more immigration from Muslim developing countries, the more tragedies’………


Cause and effect…



Halla-Aho: ‘ The more immigration from Muslim developing countries, the more tragedies’

“In Finland, quite a few people have already died, abused or raped as a result of the migration avalanche of 2015”


”We should not pretend that this is a new problem. This is a problem for which nothing has been done, let alone talked about!”


This is how Finnish Chairman, Jussi Halla-Aho, spoke on last Friday night’s Yle TV1 Sanikka & Ukkola program, which discussed the sex crime cases in Oulu and the main guest interview was the Minister of Interior Kai Mykönen (ECR).


“The words of the Interior Minister have been along the line of that something needs to be done and that something should be done. Nothing has been done, nothing clearly has been done, “Halla-Aho snapped.


For the Minister of the Interior, Halla-Aho gave a direct question:


“Why don’t you want to raise the threshold for sexual offenses?”


“I think it is very suspicious that the government wants to specifically raise the upper limit of the punishment scale, ie the maximum penalties, when the minister surely knows that the courts today do not punish with punitive sentences other than for smuggling snuff – and especially not for crimes against life and health.”


Halla-aho pointed out that Oulu’s case came to public attention due to civic activism.


“It caused the media and then politicians, with a certain delay, to say something about this, but there was nothing new in these events – no more in the context of Finland than in Europe,” Halla-aho said.


The Oulu Police Department is therefore investigating sexual offenses which foreign-based suspects have subjected a girl under the age of 15 this year. Eight people are suspected, and Oulu District Court has ordered seven men detained into custody.


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