Finland: Females signing up for self-defense classes more than ever before in wake of Muslim settler gang-rape cases…….


I guess that this state-funded training film met with mixed results:


Oulu women seek self-defense training more than ever before. Demand grew strongly at the beginning of December.


Participants in women’s self-defense and threat-situational training have exploded in the last two years. At the same rate, there has been an increase in education. 


According to the police authority, Janne Ahonen, a training instructor for the threat situations, says that at the beginning of the decade there were only two or three training sessions per year. During the year 2018, Ahonen has already held more than 50 training courses.


– Last week’s training in Porvoo involved 74 participants. Such large numbers of participants were never held by self-defense courses organized between the years 2010-2015. During the week, more training was done than in the past two years.


The sexual assault casualties in Oulu have drawn women and girls from the Oulu region to apply for training. Ahonen says he has received after 4.12. extensive contacts to train for new threat scenarios as soon as possible.



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  1. Is this what Finland has come to???

    Shame on the political ‘elite’ (sic) for their appeasement of the EU in allowing these social misfits to enter and stay in what was once a wonderful country.

    Is Finland really following the Swedes down the toilet???

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