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Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation pursue remand hearings for two foreigners suspected of staging random attacks on buses…….


Finnish law enforcement is not the most open of law enforcement agencies in the West, which can be seen in how the hide major details of any given incident they’re investigating. 


The fact that they refuse to name the perps, as well as their backgrounds, leaves the reader, by default, with the feeling that they’re hiding something due to political considerations. In many instances that has been the case. The ‘chuckle-headed’ Finnish media never challenges the way the police handle these cases. In fact, they’re all too happy to go along with them since they all have a stake in the official political narrative with which they’re in agreement. It can be seen in this article by state media, Yle, which refuses to report what’s already known, these two jihadis were failed asylum seekers.


NBI seeks remand hearing for bus attackers


The reported bus attacks are not being investigated as terrorist acts, according to the main criminal investigation agency NBI.

Linja-autonkuljettaja ajaa autoa.
Image: Stefan Paavola / Yle

The National Bureau of Investigation NBI said Friday that it is pursuing remand hearings for two men suspected of staging random attacks on buses in two separate incidents earlier this week.


According to a police release, preliminary investigations into the cases are at an early stage and officers have no indication that there is any connection between the two incidents. The statement describes the cases are independent, adding that the suspects do not appear to know each other.


Reports indicates that the first incident occurred around 1:00 am on Wednesday in Uurainen, on a bus that was driving from Helsinki to the north-western city of Oulu. The suspect in that incident suddenly rose from his seat bus and attacked the driver. He was subdued by passengers who held him down until law enforcement arrived on the scene.


In another incident that took place on Tuesday, another bus with just five passengers began its journey in Loimaa bound for Turku and had not gone far when the journey was interrupted. A male passenger reportedly left his seat, walked to the driver and grabbed the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to veer into the opposite lane according to police.


No injuries were reported in either case.


Police said on Friday that a possible motive for the incidents is still not clear, although investigators are believed to have a reasonable understanding of how the events unfolded.


Both suspects are around thirty years old and have been described as foreigners originally from different countries.



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