Finland Marxism Neo-Nazis Socialism

Helsinki Finland: Socialist clans of Nazis and Marxists hold their Independence Day protests…….


There were misfits from the Nordic Front waving their Nazi flags around, which the police ended up confiscating…




Then there were the counter-protesters of the Marxists with their signs of ”Down With Capitalism, Socialism Now!” banner. I wonder if they confiscated any Marxist flags as well? Looks like a lot of red flags there.)



Both sides are evil, both need to be kept on the fringes of society. There should never be any kind of tolerance of these numbskulls of either side, but ya know what, top Finnish politicians rub elbows with the Marxists with no trouble at all. Just like they do with the reps of the Muslim Brotherhood. We’re so screwed here. As a free speech advocate, while I don’t condone either flag of destructive socialism, I am not for the state to infringe on the citizen’s right to be a complete moron/jackass either. What a totally disgusting display in Helsinki by all sides.


NOTE: Yle was covering the rallies.

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