Buffoonery Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Finnish Interior Minster Kai Mykkänen responds to Muslim settler rape-gang scandal: “We need to educate people migrating to Finland”…….


Are you freaking kidding me…!?


You do not have to inform people who you want to immigrate to your country about not raping little girls, only to those who you DO NOT WANT immigrating to your country. What a complete jackass.


Stricter citizenship requirements




Reacting to news that seven men with foreign background are suspected of the sexual abuse and rape of an underaged girl in Oulu, Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen told tabloid Iltalehti that the criteria for granting Finnish citizenship should be stricter.


“It is scandalous for anyone to think that this is the way to act in Finnish society,” Mykkänen said.


Police suspect the girl who is under 15 had been abused over a period of several months. Some of the suspects are Finnish citizens.


According to Mykkänen, more needs to be done to educate people migrating to Finland. “Finnish rules are based on gender equality and the right to live free from harassment, without an exception,” he noted.


“While the current integration programme into the Finnish society includes education about the country, we need to see how migrants could to a larger degree commit to our values and rules.”


In addition, the minister called for improvement in the co-operation between police, child protection and health services. “Especially in long-term sexual abuse cases, which the one in Oulu seems to be, the exchange of information between different organisations may help uncover such wrongdoing earlier,” Mykkänen noted.


A new law, which will speed up the repatriation of foreigners convicted of serious crimes in Finland, will go into force at the start of next year, Iltalehti writes.



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