Finland: Oulu police warn that Foreign (Muslim) men are preying on young girls online…….


How much more are people going to take before they erupt? Politicians here should be greatly thankful that Finns are not of the Mediterranean temperament.


All the links to recent cases in Finland here.


Oulu Police Warn: Foreign men preying on young girls online


Several cases have emerged in Oulu, the most serious of which have led to cases of suspected sexual assault.


POLICE specifically warn young girls and young parents in social media about men trying to contact minors. 

According to the police, recent cases in the Oulu region have shown cases where foreigners, men who are often not Finnish speakers have clearly luring younger, underage girls to have contact with them. At worst, contacts have led to serious sexual assaults, police say. OULU’S police announced the weekend that seven men were arrested for suspected rape and exploitation of a young girl. This is being investigated as aggravated rape and  aggravated sexual exploitation of a child.


“More suspects have also emerged, but no arrestss have yet been made,” says Investigator Markus Kiiskinen . 

In another case, there is a prisoner who is a foreign-born man suspected of aggravated sexual abuse and aggravated rape of another young girl. 

In the third case, a foreign-based man has been arrested for suspicion in the sexual exploitation of a young girl. “In some ways, the role of the social media is present in all cases. Somehow others are often exposed in this type of crime. That is why we want to warn of the phenomenon now, “says Kiiskinen. “The toughest fact is that nine people are now caught up because of such suspicions,” he adds.


POLICE urges young people to be cautious and emphasizes that parents need to be aware of who they spend time online and otherwise with their free time. “Suspicious persons and contact persons should be notified to the police,” says the press release.

You can report this information to your local police department. 


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