Muslim persecution of Christians Turkey

Muslim persecution of Christians: “Burnt Beyond Recognition”…….


And the list keeps growing due to the blank stares and deaf ears of Western leaders…


“Burnt Beyond Recognition”: Extremist Persecution of Christians, August 2018

by Raymond Ibrahim  •  December 2, 2018 at 4:00 am

  • “The non-implementation of the law has brought us a gang of hardliners who have become above the law.” — Human rights activist, World Watch Monitor, Egypt.
  • A group of Muslims thrashed Vishal Masih, an 18-year-old Christian, after he repeatedly defeated a Muslim teen at arm-wrestling.” — Persecution, International Christian Concern, Pakistan.
  • “We cannot watch our children joining infidels’ church,” explained a local sheikh. — Morning Star News, Uganda.
  • Comoros: Sunni Islam was formally declared “the religion of the state.” “An ultra-conservative group of radical scholars … are pushing the country to a more extreme view of Islamic law (sharia) in the country and are against Christians.” — World Watch Monitor, August 3, 2018.

Christians Burned Alive and Churches Torched

Ethiopia: Approximately 15 Christian priests were killed—at least four burned alive—and 19 churches torched during Muslim uprisings in the east, where most of the nation’s Muslim population, consisting of 33% of the population, is centered. “Similar tensions are bubbling under the surface in other parts of Oromia,” which is approximately 50% Muslim, said a local source. “We have even heard of places where Muslims had asked Christians to vacate the area. And though this call is veiled as ethnic rivalry by some media and observers, it is at its very core a religious matter.”


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