US-Mexican border

Migrant invasion already throwing rocks at the US-Mexican border as angry residents mount protests…….


But wait, they should still be around 800 -1000 miles away according to Obama and the media! Remember, they’re not getting any government nor NGO help whatsoever, they’re organic!


For them to try legal means, would mean their applications being seriously poured over, then rejected on the basis that they’re not actual refugees nor asylum seekers with real cases. That’s why they’ll be trying to rush the gates.



Tijuana: Violent clashes as arriving ‘caravan’ migrants square off against protesting residents

Members of the first migrant caravan from Central America continue to arrive in Tijuana, and their increasing numbers have Mexican locals on edge.  On Thursday night, about 300 residents of Tijuana came out to protest the activities of migrants coming into their neighborhood.  A confrontation between the migrants and residents turned violent when some of the migrants, according to on-scene reports, began throwing rocks.

The Tijuana residents have reason for concern, as it is not clear what will happen with the migrants.  Local authorities have set up shelters for them, but many of the migrants — young men in particular — are refusing to use the shelters.


A few migrants have tried scaling the fence into the U.S., and have been promptly arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol, which vows to keep the border secure against illegal entry.  The Mexican government’s response has so far been a mix of good-faith efforts to winnow down the caravan, by offering asylum and assistance in Mexico, and arrangements to move the migrants along through the country toward the U.S. border.


The U.S. has been emphasizing via social media and other outreaches that there are nine consulate facilities in Mexico where the migrants can apply for entry, on an asylum basis or otherwise, and that participants in the caravan should avail themselves of that method rather than attempting illegal entry.


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