Netherlands: North African and Eastern European residents harass asylum center applicants, steal from stores…….





Asylum Center Terrorized by Group of Residents


A group of residents terrorized the largest asylum center in the Netherlands town of Ter Apel.  These people also steal in shops in the town.


The chairman of the local shop owners’ organization says that it is primarily North African and Eastern Europeans who are responsible for the thefts.


They also sometimes harass women in the shops.  Bus drivers threaten that they will no longer stop at the asylum center due to the intimidation of people who belong to this group.



 According to him, it is mainly North Africans and Eastern Europeans who are caught stealing. “We are already joking that we can invite the police to our staff party.” What also bothered him: the mostly young men sometimes trouble the cashiers. “And I have to make sure that my staff feels safe.” The security guard who has recently been in the store helps, but can not prevent all thefts.

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