EU (fake) Parliament’s ‘Brexit Coordinator’ and senior MEP, Guy Verhofstadt calls for EU army…….


In essence, what he’s calling for is an end to NATO…


First, they cry foul when Trump demands NATO pay its ‘fair share” and claim he’s for ending NATO, and a political stooge of Putin, then champion a federalized military which essentially would end NATO due to cost expenditures. Would you really trust the centralized bureaucracy of Brussels with a standing army? And besides, who would pay for it. I’ll tell you, the citizens of member EU states with a new federalized income tax, that’s who.


Verhofstadt: Integrate European defences into EU Army

The European Parliament’s ‘Brexit Coordinator’ and senior MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, has backed President Macron’s call for a full EU Army.


Verhofstadt has gone one step further however, demanding that existing defences forces across Europe are ‘integrated’ into a European Army – making the point with an EU flag bang next to the suggestion, of course.


Writing on Twitter, the EU nationalist said: “President Macron draws the right conclusions from Trump’s ‘America-First’ policy. If we want to guarantee our European security, we need to take our destiny into our own hands by progressively integrating European defence forces into a European Army.”


More here.

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