EU parliamentary group EPP seeks to ‘tame’ Hungary’s Vikto Orban with ‘values’ resolution…….


These are the same clowns from member EU states whose plans and policies benefit international organizations/corporations that ride roughshod over their own people, and they dare to lecture Orban?


Like Trump, Orban is bucking the internationalists (globalists) who champion a borderless world (but primarily now a borderless West). Up+setting their apple carts brings out the worst in them, and they’ll stop at nothing till they squash this latest outbreak of public discontent (aka populism). They are the New World Order, the mastermind/genius class of svengalis whop will micro-manage or societies for us, (supposedly) so we can’t muck anything up.


These are very dangerous people. Instead of widening the circle of liberty for the average citizen of their countries, they’re fine with quasi-socialist states that they’ve inherited, and seek to straightjacket the citizenry even more. They (the neo-aristocracy) dwell at the top looking down their noses at the rest of us, making policies that make it even more hard for people to create families, while they import families from 3rd world countries to take their place.


These EPP politicians are not conservatives, but neo-statist pseudo-conservatives who belong to the neo-aristocratic class. Our supposed ‘betters’. Their Marxist colleagues are of course no better, they simply vie for supremacy over the whole rotten enterprise.


EPP aims to tame Orban with ‘values’ resolution


Europe’s largest political family, the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) aims to adopt at its congress in Helsinki this week a resolution in defence of liberal democracy in the face of rising populism across Europe – and even within their own ranks from Hungary’s Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party.


The draft resolution titled “Protecting EU Values and Safeguarding Democracy” stresses the importance of rule of law, an independent media, a vibrant civil society, strong EU institutions, independence of the judiciary, and EU monitoring of member states’ compliance with fundamental values.


The resolution will be voted at the EPP congress in Finland starting on Wednesday (7 November), where the party will also choose its lead candidate (the ‘Spitzenkandidat’) ahead of the European elections next May. The contest is between the party’s leader in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, and former Finnish prime minister, Alexander Stubb.


The issues raised in the draft resolution have been controversial matters of concern with regards to Hungary, where EPP member Fidesz have been ruling with a two-thirds parliamentary majority for the past eight years with a nationalistic, autocratic streak.


The EPP document does not single out the central European country by name though.


More here.

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