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Gates of Vienna: Denmark is abolishing itself with recent demographic numbers……..


This is pretty much an irreversible trend, I just don’t see how they claw their way back out from underneath it all…


Denmark Abolishes Itself

In recent years the Danish government has implemented a series of politically incorrect changes to its immigration policies, tightening restrictions, reducing benefits, deporting migrant offenders, and other measures to prevent immigration or induce new arrivals to repatriate themselves.


However, the demographic statistics for the past year seem to indicate that the government’s actions are too little, too late: during a twelve-month period non-Western immigrants and their descendants accounted for 94% of the country’s population increase.


Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this brief article from NewsPeek:


The number of people of non-Western background in Denmark is growing much faster than the number of Danes.
The balance between Danes and people of non-Western background has reached a tipping point in recent years. Since it is an exponential development, this process will continue to accelerate.
In the past year the population of Danes increased by only 577. By comparison, the number of immigrants and descendants with a non-Western background grew by 8,937 people. Thus the number of people with a non-Western background has been growing more than 15 times faster than that of the Danes. This can be seen from a graph from Statistics Denmark, according to the award-winning blog Uriasposten.
During the third quarter of 2018 there were 499,903 immigrants of non-Western background and their descendants in Denmark.

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