Finland: BS publicity stunt supposedly proving Finnish businesses are bigoted……..


Ya really think fielding a bogus name with no internet record whatsoever is going to drum up interest in the faux candidate..?


Cluebat: I found work using my very non-Finnish name, being a real person with a real name and a real address. Enough with this virtue signaling stupidity.


What’s in a name?


Four Finnish celebrities did not receive any call-backs from recruiters after applying for jobs using names typical of Finland’s Roma minority, reports Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet. The paper features an anti-discrimination project by the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences which aims to draw attention to employers’ preference for Finnish-sounding names.


Celebrities, including media pundit and writer Tuomas Enbuske and business consultant Jari Sarasvuo, sent out a total of 54 job applications but failed to spark any interest from recruiters when using names like Rainer Lindgren and Dmitri Hagert on their resumes, despite stating their real work experience.


Diaconia’s #TYÖNIMI (‘work name’) collaboration calls attention to the roughly 50 percent unemployment rate among Finland’s Roma minority.





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