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  1. So you quote a far-right website claiming that France is trash. What is your goal?

        1. You can also wipe your bum with Wikipedia which allows the worst of the worst to edit its pages.

      1. This is not an answer to my question.

        What is your goal with this quote?

        1. Importing hundreds of thousands of Jew-haters into Europe does Europe nor the remaining (surviving) Jews living here any good whatsoever. Period.

          1. So you agree with VOE that France is now trash?

          2. Because I have been brainwashed by a 43 years old secret conspiracy involving every European and Arab governements, despite political alternations and regime changes (or Egypt’s expulsion from the Arab League in 1979), which is not a conspiracy theory because reasons. According to Bat Ye’or who you trust.

            Now please answer my question. Why do you hate France? Have we done something bad to you?

          3. Why do you hate Europe/Western civilization, can you explain?

          4. Why do you hate France? Have we done something bad to you?

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