Turku Finland: Seven foreign-looking men attack three Finns in the middle of the day…….


Getting more and more daring…


Seven men attacked three men in the middle of the day in Halinen


The police received a call from the Emergency Centre on Sunday at 1pm on Kardinaalinkatu (street) in Halsi. According to the call, the men were fighting which led to one being bloodied. Three ethnic Finns born in 1983, 1977 and 1985 told the patrol that they had come by bus to Halsi and left the bus stop on Paavinkatu. At the same time, according to their description, seven foreign-looking men attacked them.


The attackers forced the men onto the ground and began to kick and beat them The attackers followed the victims to the stair hallway, where they threw one man onto a bicycle and a glass jar.


One of the victims received a wound to his head. The victims were unable to name the perpetrators. The victims also did not know the cause of abuse.


The police have no specific characteristics of the perps. Possible witnesses are asked to report their observations to the e-mail address:

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