Photos of ISIS executioners murdering Syrian ‘spies in region where Putin says they’ll kill ten prisoners a day…




ISIS executioners kill Syrian ‘spies’ in the same region where they ‘kidnapped 700 hostages’ – including jihadist widows – after Putin claimed the group will kill ‘ten prisoners a day’

  • ISIS militants attacked Al-Bahra refugee camp in Syria and kidnapped hundreds
  • Captives ‘include 90 women described as ISIS widows or wives of ex jihadists’
  • Putin said fanatics threatened to kill ten hostages a day unless demands are met
  • But the US has said it is ‘sceptical’ of his claims that 700 people were kidnapped
  • Pictures show extremists executing five SDF captives in same Deir ez-Zor region

Gruesome pictures have emerged showing ISIS thugs killing so-called ‘spies’ in the same region where they kidnapped hundreds of hostages – including jihadist widows.


Images show five captives, purportedly members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, kneeling in front of masked fanatics in Deir ez-Zor province before being shot in the head.


The photos, which show a child watching on in the background, emerged after reports that ISIS had raided the Al-Bahra refugee camp in the same province.


According to the respected Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), some 90 women described as ISIS widows or wives of former jihadists were among those seized in the raid.

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Islamist terrorists had kidnapped a total of 700 hostages and warned the extremists will kill ten every day unless their demands are met. But the US says it is ‘sceptical’ about those claims.


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