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David Goldman: Bavaria’s Deplorable Elections and Merkel’s Triumph…….


 “We can’t change their minds about this. The best we can do is to manage the consequences of their decline in a way that harms us the least.”

There is no relief given here, just a depiction of the reality in Germany (and Europe in general, read: a deplorable vote for Angela Merkel). In Germany, choosing Merkel’s CDU is but a stop-gap to eventual destruction, choosing the others is but a fast-track to destruction. The AfD may offer some respite from the decline, but I’m not certain that they’re the ‘Jeffersonian democrats’ many make them out to be. I support them however to become such a force that it causes the CDU to change course and adopt a more sane approach to immigration and EU power grabs.


Bavaria’s Deplorable Elections and Merkel’s Triumph

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