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Will Pakistan execute woman for being Christian…..?


Whether they go through with it or not (let’s hope that they don’t) let that sink in, she’s imprisoned for being a Christian who spoke about her faith…

Ms Bibi’s troubles began with a squabble over a cup of water on a sweltering summer day in Punjab. As the story goes, two Muslim women accused Ms Bibi, a farmworker and mother of five, of polluting the cup by drinking from it. Ms Bibi allegedly told them Jesus had “died on the cross for the sins of mankind” and asked, “What did your Prophet Muhammad ever do to save mankind?”

Asia Bibi faces the death penalty for blasphemy.


Will Pakistan execute woman for being Christian?


Does Pakistan’s Supreme Court have the courage to free Asia Bibi, an illiterate 53-year-old Christian woman on death row since 2010 for “blasphemy,” while thousands of Islamic extremists across the country bay for her blood?


If the court releases Ms. Bibi, the best-known victim of a cruel blasphemy law often used to target religious minorities, it will represent a rare victory in the Islamic republic for compassion over religious passion. Should the judges uphold the death sentence against her, it will mark another victory for Pakistan’s strident antiblasphemy agitators and another setback for both non-Muslims and moderate Muslims.


Either way, the harrowing tale of Asia Bibi has a moral: Giving in to Islamists’ demands does not sate their appetite for repression. It whets it.


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