Belgian beaten for being dog owner by foreign ‘youths’…….


More Islam, the less of everything else…


Man 68 Badly beaten in Turnhout

In Turnhout a 68 year old man on Sunday night has become the victim of senseless violence. Lucas Claes was attacked by five youngsters during a walk with his dog. That happened after the young people made a comment about Lucas’s dog. The man has no less than 11 fractures in his face. The police have already been able to pick up 1 suspect.
The migrants were not amused by the dog being in their vicinity and told Claes “the dog smelled”. The old men said the dog didn’t and then things got completely out of hand.
The elderly man was brutally beaten by the group and lost consciousness. “I woke up when a woman said: ‘Sir, are you alright’,” Claes says.

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