Rebel Media Tommy Robinson

Rebel Media worried over Tommy Robinson’s trial that’s confirmed for October 23…….


Another ‘stitch-up’ in the making..?


UPDATE: Tommy Robinson’s trial confirmed for October 23 — and “I’m worried about something else I learned today…”

I spoke with Tommy Robinson’s lawyer this morning.


He said Tommy Robinson’s trial has been confirmed for the morning of Tuesday, October 23, at the Old Bailey in London. The judge says that it will indeed be a full hearing.


The Old Bailey is the most serious criminal court in the UK, and the judge who is presiding is the most senior judge of the court, His Honour Nicholas Hilliard, QC.


I find it odd that they have put a criminal judge, who normally hears cases of murder and terrorism, in charge of a minor civil contempt hearing. Contempt of court isn’t even a crime — it’s really like a speeding ticket.


I’m worried because I’ve been told that the judge in the case has indicated that he insists on proceeding with the case personally, instead of referring it to the Attorney General as is the norm. The judge himself will cross-examine Tommy, as opposed to a lawyer for the Attorney General doing so. Why?


This entire matter has been irregular and improper since the beginning — that’s not my opinion, that’s the scorching ruling by the Court of Appeal.


More here.

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