Finnish authorities suspect man tried to smuggle three Iranians into Finland from Russia…….


They know…


Authorities believe a man tried to bring three Iranians illegally through the forest into Finland

The Russian authorities blocked the group’s entry near the Finnish border.

Border Guard suspects that a man with an Iranian background living in Finland has tried to illegally bring three Iranian citizens to Finland.

The Iranians had flown to Moscow on 28 July 2018. The next day the Iranian threesome had traveled by train to St. Petersburg, where they also stayed the night.

An Iranian resident in Finland had traveled to St. Petersburg a few days earlier by a car registered in Finland. He stayed with the people coming from Iran in a hotel in St. Petersburg. He had also purchased train tickets and hotel accommodations for the group. Early on June 30, 2018, they started driving towards the Finnish border from St. Petersburg through Vyborg to Svetogorski.

However, the group’s travels came to a halt on the road between Vyborg and Svetogorsk when the Russian border authorities did not allow them to continue their journey because they did not have the necessary travel documents. After the investigation, the Iranian trio was returned to St. Petersburg and a man living in Finland returned alone to Finland.

– The authorities have the impression that a triad from Iran was supposed to try to illegally cross the forest in Svetogorsk into Finland, says captain Ville Mihl of theSoutheastern Finland border guard.

More here.  (in Finnish)

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