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Bavaria Germany: Merkel handed whopping defeat as coalition parties get their comeuppance…….


I guess this wasn’t so popular after all…



Merkel coalition faces post mortem on Bavaria poll debacle

Merkel coalition faces post mortem on Bavaria poll debacle
Seehofer speaking at the CSU HQ in Munich after the vote. Photo: DPA
The three parties in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition government on Monday were facing up to an election debacle in the southern state of Bavaria.

The Christian Social Union (CSU) from Merkel’s conservative camp took a 10-point dive in Sunday’s vote to lose its absolute majority in the Alpine state it has ruled since the 1960s.


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And the other coalition partner, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), dropped below 10 percent, halving their support in their worst ever result in any state poll.


The biggest winner was the Greens, who surged to become the second  strongest party with 18 percent, while the far-right Alternative for Germany
(AfD) celebrated its entry into the state assembly with 10 percent.


The Süddeutsche daily commented that Merkel’s alliance faces “a fight for its survival”, following the dramatic losses of the “so-called people’s parties” as big-tent political groupings are known in Germany.


Spiegel Online commented that although “the epicentre of the political earthquake was in Bavaria … the tidal wave could sweep away the federal government”.


The punishing results for the CSU and SPD were widely seen as a rejection of months of ugly infighting, mostly about immigration, between the parties in Merkel’s uneasy left-right “grand coalition”.


The CSU’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has harshly criticized Merkel and the labour party SPD over their more liberal stance on immigration, repeatedly bringing their fragile alliance to the brink of collapse.


The battles this summer, one centred on securing German borders against asylum seekers, have distracted Merkel’s fourth-term government which took half a year to cobble together after inconclusive September 2017 elections.

‘Resounding slap’

On Monday, all major parties were due to discuss lessons learned ahead of another poll in Hesse state, home to financial hub Frankfurt, in two weeks.


The repercussions are crucial for Merkel who, in power for 13 years, runs again as party chief of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in December.


The Süddeutsche said that, following what it labelled a new milestone in the decline of German mainstream parties, the coalition now has a stark choice: a return to “common sense, or new elections”.


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  1. Your website is important work. My fellow citizens of the United States haven’t been as focused on Europe at any other time since WWII. We are assiduously watching and pulling for you to return to common sense and Western values.

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