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Cry not for the Islamonazi Khashoggi, pal of Osama and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood…….


WWII intrigue… Mussolini offs one of Adolph’s ”reporters in an embassy in an Axis-controlled country. Why should we care other than to figure out the reasons why?


Really, a reporter, just because he could build a proper sentence?


Petra Bigman @ Elder of Ziyon: 

A year ago, just when Khashoggi started writing for the Washington Post, he reportedly told Al Jazeera Arabic that “if Saudi Arabia wants to confront Iran, it must re-embrace its proper religious identity as a Wahhabi Islamic revivalist state and build alliances with organisations rooted in political Islam such as the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Missing Saudi journalist ‘recorded his own death on his Apple Watch with moments of his interrogation, torture and killing sent to his phone and the iCloud’

  • He reportedly switched on recording function before going into Saudi embassy
  • It is claimed his ‘interrogation, torture and killing’ were captured in an audio file
  • Security forces said to have found the file on phone he had left with his fiancée
  • CCTV shows Khashoggi going into the embassy on October 2 but not emerging 

Missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have recorded his own death on his Apple Watch, it has been claimed.


He turned on the recording function on the device before walking into the Saudi Arabia embassy in Istanbul on October 2, according to Turkish newspaper Sabah.


Then his ‘interrogation, torture and killing were audio recorded and sent to both his phone and to iCloud’, the newspaper report.


More here.

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