Tommy Robinson

VOE: Massive support for Tommy Robinson and the lads in ‘Army Gate’…….


The media and ruling elite are going to lose, again, big time…


Mainstream media and establishment fail again: Massive support for Tommy Robinson and the lads in ‘Army Gate’

When Tommy Robinson goes anywhere, he is met with people who thank him, ask for selfies, genuinely love and appreciate all he is doing to fight for our women and children in this country.

So when he was at the motorway services off the M1 and by chance there were four coaches of young army squaddies there who greeted him, he had his photo taken with them.


A simple selfie with some young lads. Young lads, aged 17, who’ve signed up to give their lives to protect our freedoms. Young lads, willing to fight to the death if necessary to protect our rights.


More here.

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