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Finland: Leftist MP calls for an end to capitalism because of the UN’s newest (sham) IPCC report…….


What this Marxist is having a problem with is, in fact, individual liberty…


You can’t control an economy without controlling the individual first. “Climate Change” offers the totalitarian the needed ruse to divest the individual from his/her liberty without firing a shot. When you live within an echo-chamber type society like Finland, it’s rather easy to scare the average citizen, many of whom still get most of their news from Finnish based sources.


Whether it’s the politicians, the media or academia, you are bombarded with a one-sided argument, there is no debate whatsoever on man-made global warming, there never has been a debate. Anything that the international community (UN/EU) belches out is swallowed whole here, it’s mind-numbingly ridiculous!


Stifling stupid here, it is.


Anna Kontula: Capitalism must be abandoned because of climate change


According to the MP, capitalism does not work without emissions growth.


The Left’s MP, Anna Kontula, states on twitter that there are no sustainable examples of “capitalism that would work without growth” or “economic growth with lower carbon emissions”.


“Everyone will surely understand that if this does not change, the halt of climate change requires a change of economic system, Kontula continues.


It is stated in the commentary chain that the latter option has not worked.


– How so that “it did not work”? Mankind has changed its economic systems no matter how many times, and at least some have “worked” very well, Kontula says.


The commentator responds to the recent history experiments “for example, behind the eastern border”.


– Yeah, inside this box thinking is part of the problem, Kontula says.


There is also a comment on the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia in Kontula.


– In addition to the Soviet state capitalism and prevailing market capitalism, we can also choose red Khmers. There are no other alternatives. (Is not there a crowd in the box?), Kontula answers.


According to her, a competitive economy or a market economy is far from being an issue problem.


– No one has seen zero-growth and low-emission capitalism, Anna Kontula repeats.


She clarifies her thinking.


– Says: “Economic systems are in a certain way like computer operating systems. Just as constantly developing new operating systems for specific needs, economic systems can also be developed to meet specific needs. “


Kontula says that there has not been any model needed yet, but it is good that the boundary conditions are known.


– Atmospheric coal needs to be kept at a reasonable level without any inequalities leading to threats to the emission targets.


Anna Kontula says that she is trying to make people realize that “there are other alternatives than 20th Century Capitalism and Socialism”.

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