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Italy-EU: Salvini Slaps Down Globalist EU Chiefs for ‘Ruining’ Italy, Europe……


When I say ‘globalism/globalists’, I am talking about international institutions (and their supporters) that demand the submission of nation states to their rules…


Placing the electorate under the laws/rules of unelected bodies which control their daily lives, is entirely immoral and an affront to real liberty.


Salvini Slaps Down Globalist EU Chiefs for ‘Ruining’ Italy, Europe


Matteo Salvini has hit back at major EU figures including President Jean-Claude Juncker, stating that globalist policies imposed by unelected bureaucrats were wrecking Europe.


“People like Juncker and [Pierre] Moscovici have ruined Europe and our country,” Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior said, after the European Commissioners launched a number of verbal attacks on the country’s populist coalition government.


Asserting that Brussels “has supported economic measures that have made Italy poor”, Salvini said he has no interest in complaints from Juncer or Moscovici, the unelected EU executive’s economic affairs chief, about the Italian government’s proposed budget.


“They should say what they want, we will continue,” the League (Lega) leader said, noting that his party will join with other patriotic forces across Europe in next year’s European Parliament elections, in order to change the currently globalist-led bloc’s course to one which respects national sovereignty.


“I will be happy to rebuild a new Europe with the popular vote of May [2019], I work only for the good and the future of the Italian people,” Salvini added.


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