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Gates of Vienna: UN Migration Pact Will Help Create Future Islamic Republic of Germany…….


Warned, and warned again, repeatedly…


The UN Migration Pact Will Help Create the Future Islamic Republic of Germany

The United Nations has proposed that member states sign a pact that would regularize illegal immigration and manage the process of global migration.


European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos is working with the UNto implement the proposed migration plan in Europe. Needless to say, Hungary is vigorously resisting the plan, and says it will not be involved in the process of devising the pact, nor will it abide by it.


The following video from the German-language edition of Epoch Times discusses the UN pact and its likely effects on Germany. It also analyzes the long-term consequences of German asylum laws and procedures, which combined with the inflow of more migrants will turn Germany into a Muslim-majority state within two generations.


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