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J.E.Dyer: Christine Blasey Ford’s DOJ/FBI connection…….


The rot runs deep…

It’s worth noting as well that Merrick would have a good idea what he was talking about, as the son of a distinguished California jurist, Judge John Merrick, who has often been called the “First Citizen of Malibu.”  In his statement, the younger Merrick spoke specifically of McLean “interviewing for jobs with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office.”  Perhaps he was coached by a lawyer on that language himself, but he probably doesn’t need to be.  Most ordinary people might not refer to a federal D.A. as the “U.S. Attorney” – but the son of a longtime judge would.

Christine Blasey Ford’s DOJ/FBI connection

Christine Blasey Ford’s DOJ/FBI connection

Ms. Ford with her FBI connection, 27 Sep 2018. C-SPAN video (h/t Conservative Treehouse. See text)

It comes down now to a Senate vote on Friday for cloture on debate in the chamber, and the ability to move forward to a full Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.


So there’s a sense in which many things will be moot, at least for the time being, if cloture is approved and the confirmation vote is held.  Those things would include not just the particulars of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations, but how they got to the Senate and how the Senate Democrats – and the left in general – have handled them.


That said, we would do a disservice to the truth, in the process of moving on, to ignore things that are in plain view.  One of those things is evidence uncovered by investigative bloggers that indicate Ms. Ford has had a years-long personal connection to the Justice Department and FBI.  The connection is through the longtime friend identified by her ex-boyfriend from the 1990s, whom the boyfriend says Ford coached to prepare for a polygraph test when Ford and the friend were both living in California.


The friend, Monica L. McLean, who was in Ford’s class at Holton-Arms, has denied that Ford ever coached her on taking polygraph tests.  The ex-boyfriend – whom the Wall Street Journal contacted in mid-September and identified in a 19 September article as Brian Merrick, of Malibu – has made a sworn statement that he did see Ford coach McLean.  That’s where we stand on that matter, which is one we have no way to prove or disprove at this point.  (Mr. Merrick is a realtor dealing in high-end properties in Malibu, and does seem unlikely to make up false stories gratuitously and tell them to public officials in sworn statements.  He’d have a lot to lose from the bad publicity that would come from that.)


When I pulled the string on Ms. McLean myself, I discovered that sundance at Conservative Treehouse had already done tremendous work.  Rather than include the links and screen caps here, I refer you to sundance’s post.


McLean, an attorney, worked for the DOJ from 1992 to 2016, and seems to have spent most or all of that time working jobs at the FBI.  She was assigned to the FBI’s Los Angeles Division Legal Unit as late as the year 2000, and sometime between then and 2003 transferred to the Southern District of New York. She appears to have remained there, working as a public information officer for the U.S. Attorney and FBI, through at least 2009.


McLean’s history with the DOJ and FBI tends to corroborate the claim by Brian Merrick that she needed to take a polygraph test in the 1990s.  Again, McLean denies that Ms. Ford coached her on that.


More here.

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