Sweden: Nursing school for beginner Somalis in own language………


Nursing education is being started in the Somali language in Sweden


Alvestas municipality is putting its best foot forward. There is about to begin nursing education in the Somali language. First in Sweden. A similar concept has already been tried in Arabic.


Nurse schooling is kind of fast-tracked. Nursing school takes 3 years. The first year teaching is in the Somali language.  In the second year Swedish language comes into the training and in the third year the teaching is only in Swedish.


The project is put together with the Alvestas municipality, Allbos schooling center, and the Employment Office. Students in these classes are expected to get into the workplace faster at the end of the schooling.


Teacher Najma Mohammad states in SVT’s news:


– When things are discussed in a person’s native language, the student understands the meanings and phrases better. The subject in hand becomes easier for the student to understand. After this, it’s easier to go deeper with studies and to have a better understanding.


More here at PT-media

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