Morocco’s pro-mass migration FM balks at hosting asylum centers in N.Africa…….


Because that would throw a major wrench in their ‘hijra project’ of Islamizing the European continent…


Pro-Mass Migration Moroccan Minister Rejects Hosting Asylum Centres, Claims Migrant Crisis Exaggerated


The mass-migration supporting foreign minister of Morocco has rejected proposals by the European Union to build refugee processing centers in North Africa and claimed the bloc is exaggerating the migrant crisis.


“Morocco is generally against all kinds of [migration] centres. This is part of our migration policy and a national sovereign position,” Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita told German daily Die Welt in an interview published Wednesday.


With European leaders pushing for migrant processing centres in North Africa, Bourita claimed that stopping migration at the African coast is counterproductive and accused the EU of exaggerating the migrant crisis.

“Migration covers three percent of the world’s population, of which 80 percent are legal,” he said. “So we only talk about 20 percent of these three percent.”


Between 2014 and 2017, nearly two million migrants from the global south, the vast majority of those coming from African being economic migrants, travelled to Europe; European Parliament President Antonio Tajani warned that unless mass migration is put under control, up to 30 million more may be prepared to make the same journey from Africa in the coming years.


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