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David Horowitz: Sorry for blurting it out, but Christine Ford is a liar…….



And her story isn’t credible.

David Horowitz

One thing I learned watching the witch trial of Brett Kavanaugh on MSNBC, is that a prestigious university in New York has a Vice President for Social Justice. (She is an MSNBC commentator). Her Orwellian title is but one of many signs that our country is already on the threshold of 1984; the Judiciary Committee circus is another.


In her comments on the hearings, the Vice President for Social Justice, Maya Wiley, was clearly out for blood, and had no interest in evidence, due process, or the facts. She is also of course both a woman, a woman “of color” and a lesbian. In other words, she occupies three of the top rungs in the hierarchy of the oppressed – all bombs waiting to blow up in the face of any straight white male who stumbles into their cross-hairs.


Any fair-minded observer of the Kavanaugh proceedings would have noted that no one – Republican or Democrat – so much as laid a glove on his female accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, even though she had come forward to destroy the life of an exemplary individual and his family. No one, dared to do so. Call this feminine or victim privilege. Kavanaugh’s high school yearbooks with tales of drinking were fair game, but Ford’s – which openly talk of the girls’ sexual promiscuity and boast of girls passing out at drinking parties – were not. Nor were her extensive political connections to the anti-Trump left, the pro-abortion movement, the Democratic Party and even the law firm involved in the Steele dossier.


Yes, the sexual crime prosecutor established that Ford lied to the committee when she said she couldn’t come to Washington for the hearings because she was afraid of flying. In fact, as she admitted under questioning, she has frequently flown all over the world for pleasure. But no one actually confronted her about this. For example, no one asked her directly, “If you were brazen enough to lie to a congressional committee about this, why should we believe you in regard to anything else?”


Yes the same prosecutor gently asked Ford why she thought her best friend Leland Keyser, whom she claimed was present at the party and would corroborate her story, in fact refuted it, saying that she was never at such a party, and the one in question never happened. Ford gave a transparently evasive answer saying her friend had (unspecified) health issues, while never explaining what they were or why that should cause her to contradict what Ford had claimed.

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  1. I don’t know if I’d call here a “Liar”. However, I thought from the beginning that she is lying.

    People would ask me: Why do you think so?

    My answer is simple: Her claim is too easy to say because there is no possibility of negative consequences.

    When it is over, she goes back to her liberal job in her liberal state where she invests her personal time in partisan liberal causes. I doubt that Kavanaugh, if denied confirmation, could levy a defamation charge.

    The FBI knew of this claim months ago and did not investigate further because it happened too long ago and long passed the statute of limitations. Nor could they find witnesses.

    With that knowledge, the claim is all too easy to make.

    There’s nothing there! No date. No time. No place. Nothing!

    So make the claim. The lib media will make her a hero; a brave woman who stood up to sexual assault. Is it true? Never mind whether it’s true. That’s Kavanaugh’s problem. The only think important is that the accusation is made. No sooner than the public realizes that there’s no basis for the accusation, another one will be speedily forthcoming.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

  2. The FBI investigation is now complete. At this point, I think most people are at the “Shut up, already!” stage (wrt the Democratic Party opposition and their hysteria tactics). As a news story, the Kavanaugh hearings are now old, beat-up, pounded into the ground with nothing spectacular to show for it.

    The U.S. news media would likely be wise to find another headline news story. Brett Kavanaugh is going to be our newest Supreme Court Justice. He’ll probably do a fine job. Time to move on.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

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