Denmark Fighting Back Islam 101 MUSLIM SETTLERS

Peter Sweden: “Denmark becomes first country in world with a list of “hate preachers” banned from entering the country.”…….


Eh, and Pastor Terry Jones is not even a ‘hate preacher’, he just talks the truth about Islam…


Inger Støjberg reminds of the list of hatred preachers refused entry to Denmark. Denmark is the first country in the world that has adopted such a law.


From today, Muhammad Alshareef is denied entry into Denmark.


We must protect Denmark from hateful preachers. There is no reason whatsoever to lay Danish soil for these types of and allow them to speak to their churches in, among other things, mosques so that they can open up to terror and persecution of, for example, Jews and gay men. 
We are the first country in the world to have introduced a hate preacher list that refuses entry to hate preachers. 
The list will look like today

Mohamad bin Abd al Rahman bin Milhi bin Mohamad al Arefe 
Kamel El-Mekki 
Bilal Philips 
Terry Dale Jones 
Salman Bin Fahad Alodah 
Mohamad Rateb Abdalah Al-Nabulsi 
Khalid Yasin 
Muhammad Raza 
Alparslan Kuytul 
Ismail al-Wahwah 
Abdullah bin Radi Almoaede Alshammary 
Mazin Abdul-Adhim 
Khalifah At-Thahabi 
Shady al-Suleiman 
Hamsa Sodagar 
Mansour Leghai 
Muhammad Alshareef

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