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Jihad Watch: Afghan Muslim settler who stabbed three in Germany not being treated as a jihadi terrorist…….


Germany: Man who stabbed three people is Muslim migrant from Afghanistan, incident not treated as terror-related

The knifeman who stabbed three people yesterday and was only identified as a “Southerner” turns out to be a Muslim migrant from Afghanistan. He apparently chose his victims randomly, but the cops say his motives are “unknown,” and they are not treating the incident as terror-related. No amount of covering up is enough, evidently, for those who are indefatigably committed to inundating Germany with Muslim migrants.
Three people have been stabbed following an incident in Ravensburg, Germany.
Police arrested one man in connection with the attack at the town’s Marienplatz square at 4.20pm on Friday.
The alleged assailant is a 19-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan and is reported to have attacked two young Syrian men, aged 19 and 20, and a 56-year-old German citizen.
One of the victims is being treated for life-threatening injuries.
A police statement said the incident was carried out for ‘unknown reasons’ and is not being treated as terror-related.
Footage from the scene showed a man gesticulating and waving a knife as another man stood nearby.
The attacker is believed to have stormed the square where he began his attack, according local news website Schwaebische.

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