Whiner Spike Lee comes to Finland and vents his bile, YLE laps it up…….


I don’t need this jackass to lecture me, he’s a disgrace…


That he hates Trump is exactly why YLE loved to do the interview with him.


The director said the solution is to always choose love over hate.

He’s such a liar.


Spike Lee’s special interview: The rise of the far right is not just a problem for America – “France has Le Pen, Brits have Brexit and you have a type, whose name I don’t remember “

The legendary director in Helsinki hopes that people on the side of love and justice everywhere would say with a loud voice no to hate.




Yet Lee, 61, says his belief as a young man and still today, believes that the world will be better. However, it does not happen by itself.

– Not just a dream come true. History has taught us that really, really big changes will not happen overnight. Must have the strength to keep the goals in mind, and keep fighting for good.


– The Whites feared that if Nelson Mandela became president, all the blacks would be roaming the streets and the jungle and start killing people. We saw that it was not true. This tactic is used for dividing and separating people. That tactic is said to be fear.


– The rise of the far-Right in the world combines one thing on which it builds its foundations. They point to immigrants with their fingers and claim that if we do not build walls and close ports, immigrants will capture power. This is condensed into one word: anger. It’s about anger.

Yes Spike Lee is scared, so scared that he cannot sleep.

– I think every night about that guy has the code that can trigger a nuclear weapon.

Lee does not agree to use the name of the US President Donald Trump .


That is what we are living in right now, the year of danger. Even President Obama has said that in a couple of months ‘ time, the congressional elections may be the main interim elections in the history of the whole country.


Spike Lee has in every interview made it clear that he wants Donald Trump out of office. He considers him both despicable and dangerous that he calls the Trump Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a plant poison that was spread by the American Air Force to extensive areas in the Vietnam War. The poison caused the disease to millions and malformations for succeeding generations.


Pretty tough name calling for the president.


– Well think about it now! Agent Orange has a nuclear weapon-triggered code…



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