Finland: 17 Iraqis detained in crossing attempt from Russia into Finland…….


They were all arrested by Russian FSB officials…

Russian court system deals with all illegal border crossings that way so all of the accused stays imprisoned from start to finish. The sentence is usually half a year of imprisonment if the prisoner is ”well behaving”. After the jail time comes automatic deportation.
Banishing goes usually well from Russia because it´s good relationships with Middle East countries. There haven’t been any problems with deportations.

17 Iraqis tried to jump over the border from Russia to Finland

People from Arabic countries have of late systematically tried to jump over the border from Russia into Finland. In all of the cases, Russian border FSB control officers have caught the illegal border crossers coming to Finland with strict force.



Russian news channel Regnum tells that Russian border guards have caught 17 Iraqis who have tried to enter Finland illegally. Iraqis came to Russia on tourist visas and then headed towards Viipuri. In the Iraqi group there were also children.


During this summer and fall border guards have caught many illegals who have tried to cross the border. The group of illegals includes people from Pakistan, Iraq and from other countries in Africa. The method is the same in all of the cases. People come to Russia on a tourist visa and then start to move towards the Finnish border and seek a route for crossing it.


More here at PT-Media

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