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Victor Hanson Davis: China is a greater threat than Russia…….


Yes, Mark Levin and others have been saying the same thing for a while now…


Finnish leaders have yet to wake up to that reality as well.


Hanson: China is a greater threat than Russia

With all the talk about Russia these days, one might forget that there are other countries that pose a threat to the United States — a far greater threat, perhaps.


That’s the point Victor Davis Hanson, a visiting scholar from the Hoover Institution, made last Thursday during the Alexander Hamilton Society’s first event of the year. Hanson spoke about the future trends of Chinese-American policy to more than 50 Hillsdale College students, faculty, and guests in the Heritage Room in Mossey Library. He made the case that China’s threats to the U.S. economy and national security are far more concerning than anything Russia has done thus far.


Hanson attributed China’s threat to the American economy to decades of lenient policies under the Reagan, Carter, and George H.W. Bush administrations. He said that in an effort to improve economic relations with China, America ignored its record of foul play and espionage.


“We thought that the more a country liberalizes its economy, the more affluent it becomes,” he said. “When it’s relieved of a Neanderthal need to survive one more day, it has the option of becoming a liberal society.”


Instead, Hanson explained, the strategy backfired. Within 40 years, China had the second largest economy in the world, and its nine-percent growth rate surpassed the U.S., emboldening it to see itself as our rival.


Hanson also discussed the danger of China’s growing military strength and its appeal to rising nations around the globe.


“They go to our allies and say, ‘People haven’t appreciated you. Make the right choice. Start dealing with us,’” he said.


And it works. In addition to sympathy, China offers a generous overseas program, an indifference to human rights, and little specification on form of government to discontent countries. It also promises protection under a defense system specifically designed to deny the U.S. proximity to it and its spheres of influence.


“If you look at their strategic doctrine, it’s quite brilliant,” Hanson said.


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