US: Sen.Grassley blinks, allows yet another extension for Kavanaugh accuser to decide on whether to testify…….


Stop playing their game, give a date written in concrete and that’s that…


Friday update: Sen. Grassley gives Kavanaugh accuser another extension to decide whether to testify

[Ed. – As the story indicates, it’s not clear exactly when the new deadline is. The accuser, Ms. Ford, had asked earlier on Friday for a one-day extension from the deadline of close-of-business Friday.  Grassley extended the COB Friday deadline to 10 PM (Eastern) Friday, and the new deadline extension was given just before midnight.  If the accuser doesn’t agree to testify on a date certain next week, the Judiciary committee should just hold the vote and move on.  It’s clear at this point that Ford’s lawyers are just using this as a delaying tactic.]

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley late Friday night granted another extension to Christine Blasey Ford to decide on whether she will testify to the committee.
The new deadline was unclear, but Ford had requested that a 10 p.m. ET Friday deadline be extended until Saturday. …
Grassley issued his latest extension decision in a tweet addressed to Kavanaugh, adding that he hopes the judge can “understand” his reasoning behind the delay.


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