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Finland: Iraqi asylum seeker in ‘integration work program’ arrested on suspicion of murder…….


Yet another life snuffed out by (allegedly) a military-aged Muslim from Iraq who should never have been let into the country in the first place…


In Pori Finland an Iraq citizen have been arrested for murder


The Satakuntas district court has arrested Albu-Salih Alaa Kadhim Mahdi, An Iraqi born in 1990, as a suspect for murder from last Sunday.


The suspect has been sent to a Pori jail or in prison in Turku.


The murder happened last Sunday. The fire department was alerted to an apartment due to a building fire located in Pori’s east park. Firemen found the tenant deceased.

Subsequent police investigations revealed that the victim shown signs of violence, these signs indicated that the victim had died from the injuries.


Several people were detained, but all others have been released, except for Albu-Salih, who was then arrested upon suspicion of murder. The suspect has not commented on his arrest.


Abu-Salih was well known in the Satakunta’s area. He found ”work” in the  Kaukokiito trucking company in the town of Sastamala, for a project called ”Home in Karkku”.


The project was considered to be part of a positive integration program, in which Iraqis were sought ”for work”.


More here at PT-Media

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