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Robert Spencer: UK PM May once again equated me with jihad terrorists…….


I equate May with the intellectual capacity of a three-year-old…



Opposing jihad terror and plotting jihad terror are the same thing, right?

There she goes again. British Prime Minister Theresa May gave a very similar speech in December 2016. Last Monday night, she recycled it at the United Jewish Israel Appeal dinner, and included in it the same libel of me that she put in the first one. Could Theresa May herself really believe this nonsense? Does she really believe that standing against jihad terror is essentially equivalent to plotting jihad mass murder?


In the midst of a long boast about how much she opposes anti-Semitism, May said: “And I acted to keep those who peddle hatred and extremism out of our country. I kicked out Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada. I stopped Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Pastor Terry Jones – because Islamophobia comes from the same wellspring of hatred. And I stopped people like Dieudonne coming to Britain. Because nothing excuses antisemitism – not comedy, not satire, not even irony. Antisemitism is just hatred. And it is just wrong.”


So as far as May is concerned, Pamela Geller and I are the “Islamophobic” equivalents of Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada. May expects her audience to be familiar with Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, and for good reason, since both are notorious in Britain, although n neither lives there now. Abu Hamza is in solitary confinement in a super-max U.S. for, among other things, conspiring to set up a training camp for jihad terrorists in Bly, Oregon. Abu Qatada was convicted of plotting the jihad massacre of Americans and Israelis in Jordan, to which he has returned.


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