Finnish PM Sipilä admits Iraq still refusing to take back its fraud Muslim settlers even after Finland sweetened the deal with more taxpayer money…….


Parachutes and an airlift…


Prime Minister Sipilä admits: The repatriation of rejected asylum seekers to Iraq-“is stuck”

Yesterday at 21:45

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä admitted in Salzburg that the return of persons whose asylum applications were rejected, back to Iraq, is completely stuck.

The unofficial summit of EU leaders in Salzburg on Wednesday and Thursday in Austria where the discussion is on security, migration and the UK’s EU Brexit.

On Wednesday night, with the dinner hosted by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, EU leaders are discussing measures to manage migration.




Iraq-Cooperation stuck

Finland is also interested in the restoration of a negative asylum decision at the Austrian meeting.


Iraq is currently refusing to take back people, even though the EU is committed to a billion-class funding through the cooperation agreement.


-It is all well and good, the agreement has been concluded with Iraq, and one part of the partnership agreement is that the funds will also be better and I intend to raise this at this meeting, says Sipilä.


More at IL (in Finnish)

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